Our Mission

  • Are you not able to cope with caring for your loved one?
  • Have you been let down by other care agencies?
  • Are you in need of respite relief?
  • Is the care that you are receiving lacking compassion?
  • Is your loved one not being cared for with due dignity?
  • Do you feel that consideration of equality and ethnicity are lacking in the care provision that you are receiving?
  • Are you being passed around, not getting the right service that you require?


Immediate Social Care’s mission is to maintain the dignity of vulnerable adults by addressing the inequality and imbalances that exist in the community, giving excellent care provision to vulnerable adults with mental health, physical disabilities, and caring for the elderly, including dementia sufferers.

Our consultancy and care agency provides advice, guidance and care services in the community to: Customers aged 18 and above with mental health difficulties, customers with physical disability in need of rehabilitation, customers with long term illness, elderly customers including dementia sufferers, customers with sensory impairment and customers requiring enablement support.

Our services are designed for families, friends and carers who need help but lack the knowledge, understanding, ability or time.

We operate in London, Camden, Westminster, Haringey, Hackney and beyond. So contact us to review you care options.

Call us now to discuss your health and social care requirements. We respect your privacy and all calls are confidential.