Information, FAQs and News

  1. How will I access the services?

You can access this service by contacting us for an assessment.

  1. How do you address my cultural, religious, and ethnic needs, and those based on sexual orientation?

We have a detailed understanding of different needs and will try our hardest to match staff to meet these needs.

  1. How much will it cost?

Please contact us for details: Tel: (+44) 020-863 80 778, M. (+44) 0784 363 0761 or by email: or

Immediate Social Care Limited (ISCare) is limited by guarantee, owned and operated by Mrs Claudia Zylbersztajn Company Number is 7135030 address is 56, Tavistock Place, London, WC1H 9RG.

  1. How will the service meet your needs?

Please call Claudia to find out how Immediate Social Care can fulfil your specific care needs.

  1. Would I have a personalised care plan?

Yes, all care plans are tailored towards customer needs. We believe that for a service to fully address a customer’s needs, it is important to create a personalised care plan.

  1. What if I have a care plan that has been put together for me by my social worker through personalisation?

We understand that some customers already might have a support plan created for them through the personalisation agenda by their social worker. Claudia Zylbersztajn is a trained social worker and has completed more than 100 personalisation assessments and support plans.

  1. I am struggling to manage the care for my loved one with dementia. How can your service support me in addressing the day to day care needs of my loved one?

Dementia does not only affect ageing adults; it can also affect young people. It is a condition characterised by different symptoms that often include memory loss, hallucinations, paranoia, agitation, personality changes, problems communicating, problems with motor skills and coordination, inappropriate behaviour, and an inability to reason. Immediate Social Care understands that in order to fully address the needs of our dementia customers, a full assessment should be carried out. These assessments include the customer’s social history, as well as gathering information from other services such as their general practitioner (GP) and social service.

Immediate Social Care then engages the customer in fun, but stress-free activities and social visits. We provide support with cooking, gardening, listening to music and taking walks in the park, washing, dressing, feeding, and with any other day to day need identified in the customer’s personalised care plan.

  1. How will I make payments?

We accept Pay-pal, bank-transfer and direct debit. Customers will be invoiced.


Call us now to discuss your health and social care requirements. We respect your privacy and all calls are confidential.