‘This is my dream…’

Claudia Zylbersztajn, Founder of Immediate Social Care
“I spent over twenty years working in health and social care settings, doing a job I thoroughly enjoyed but becoming increasingly frustrated by the inequality and lack of heart in the system. I wanted to provide good quality care and support, regardless of race, class, gender or disability. I wanted to run a service that did not limit the quality of care simply because of the time that was allocated to that individual. I wanted to deliver care that really put people at its heart. This was the dream I had, a dream that gave birth to Immediate Social Care.”

How we deliver care with people at its heart

Our approach is captured in the phrase ‘care with people at its heart’. It reflects our commitment to providing a service that is:

  • Individualised – responsive to the immediate needs of the individual
  • Holistic – designed to support not only our clients but their families too
  • Dignified – seeing each person’s worth, treating them with dignity and compassion
  • Practitioner-led – a service managed and delivered by trained healthcare professionals

This approach has earned us the trust of our clients, their families, our carers, and with stakeholders such as the NHS and local authorities who look to us to provide care and support for vulnerable adults in their own homes or within supported living accommodations.