Our Philosophy of Care

We believe that for services and practice to be effective, they should be based on sound values and principles. We believe that it is vital to discover, understand and treat customers as individuals in order to adequately address their needs. These principles are central to our care planning and service delivery.

In order to achieve this, Immediate Social Care has drawn upon the following core principles of care:

  • To embrace equality, value differences and treat all customers equally
  • To be open, honest, polite, caring and respectful
  • To respect the rights of the individual
  • To support diversity, including cultural, ethnic, religious differences and differences based on sexual orientation
  • To safeguard adults by maintaining their dignity and adhering to all regulations and policies
  • To maintain confidentiality and privacy
  • To consult, discuss and explain any important decisions that may affect the customer(s)
  • To inform the customer(s), their family or partner regarding any decisions that may affect them
  • To empower the customer(s) to have a real say in their care plan and to fulfil their personal aspirations
  • To encourage the customer(s) to improve their life by providing opportunities to develop new skills and acquire knowledge



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