Looking for staff?

We provide experienced Social Workers, Registered Nurses (RGN and RMN), Carers, Support Workers, Personal Assistants and Housekeeping Staff. Our staff members go through a rigorous selection process which includes DBS checks, occupational health assessment and obtaining references. Our staff are caring and compassionate whether experienced or new, to the profession, and they are fully trained given you the peace of mind of receiving expert professional care. Our close working relationship with our staff enables us to match a client with staff as closely as possible.

Looking for work?

We seek to employ experienced Registered Nurses (RGN and RMN), Social Workers, Carers, Support Workers, Personal Assistants and Housekeeping Staff. Whether skilled or unskilled, we will make sure you are suitable and adequately trained to maintain the excellent service that we pride ourselves in providing.


"I work for Immediate Social Care because I am treated with respect, politeness, and professionalism. I am treated with kindness, compassion, and dignity. The management team communicates with me in the clear, honest, and responsible manner. They have a high commitment to the highest quality of care. The management supports me to get the basics right for all every time: They train and encourage me to maintain clients’ safety, confidentiality, and integrity. They are caring, accountable, and they promote excellent communication. I often got up-to-date training, weekly supervisions, appraisals, and the pay rate and other benefits are good. "
Georgia T.
Senior Support Worker