Supported Living

In our supported living service, we aim to support independence and provide the right care for our clients to address their needs and requirements.

We provide help to clients to develop day to day living skills, encouraging them to learn new things, at the same time supporting in building confidence.

We provide supported living services to a range of people, with different disabilities and support needs.

We support people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, Autism, mental health needs and complete care needs.

Our team will work with clients to build a care and support plan that will address, client’s needs, expectations and preferences, and the type of help you require each day.

Whatever your situation it’s good to take time to review your options with Immediate Social Care. Our expert team will help you make the right decision for you. So call us today.

Support for carers is vital for the wellbeing of everyone concerned. You want to give your loved ones the best care possible, so you need to look after yourself. Support for a carer can help you to maintain that balance.

Type of support

1:1 Support

We support the client to access activities in the community to encourage independence and confidence building. Our focus is to make sure people are safe first and foremost, but that they can attend appointments, jobs and interviews, reviews, and social get-togethers, for example. Going on an outing, taking a day trip.

Waking Night Support

Immediate Social Care understands that our clients do not only need daytime support but also that help is needed at night. Our waking night support provides overnight monitoring to assist with health reasons, or complex behavioural difficulties and the understanding of risks or danger in cases where clients cannot be left alone.

2:1 Support

Immediate Social Care understands that there are times when a client requires 2:1 Support for their safety or to address challenging behaviour, safe transfer from one place to another, or physical disabilities needs. Our staff are fully trained, and our Support is delivered with care, compassion, and quality. It is important to us that everyone involved with our service has a positive experience.

Forensic support

Immediate Social Care Understands the need of when a client is transitioning to the general population while having a forensic history

Immediate Social Care offers a wide range of support options recognising that everyone is different and so as their needs.

Our Core Support

We support our clients on a 24-hour basis and include personal care, health care support, practical and domestic Support through our holistic and person-centred approach. 

We support health-related physical needs, such as managing Epilepsy and challenging behaviours. 

We work with family and friends; social workers, and other professionals involved in clients’ care. We understand the importance of sharing knowledge and teamwork and the benefits associated with this when addressing our clients’ needs and requirements.