Mental Health Care

Our approach to mental health care focuses on achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients through behaviour management and assistance with cognitive functions. We enable people to feel better, look forward to visits and take pride in their appearance.  Our service package includes support with:

  • Care of skin, hair, teeth and nails, if required together with support for the home, social and personal life of the customers.
  • Housekeeping, shopping and customers personal affairs.
  • Medication care.
  • Meal planning and shopping.
  • Preparation of meals or snacks.
  • Feeding
  • Pension collection, escorting and bill payment.
  • Personal support, including grooming, hygiene, mobility, bathing, toileting, dressing and undressing, getting up and going to bed including health monitoring in both mental and physical health.

We also ensure that all clients feel safe in their homes throughout all our visits and provide a range of day sitting, living care, waking and sleeping night services. To discuss your mental health care needs call us today.

Call us now to discuss your health and social care requirements. We respect your privacy and all calls are confidential.